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Report to PPG and Surgery on Patient Satisfaction Survey June - July 2014 - 310714

113 questionnaires were completed by patients attending the surgery between 23rd and 30th June 2014. The main purpose was to measure satisfaction with those aspects of the service which were shown to be the most important to patients in the previous survey, carried out in November 2013. The current satisfaction ratings are to form a benchmark so that future surveys can show changes and highlight any areas where action might be desired.


Although primarily intended for comparison purposes in the future, there are some ratings worthy of current comment:

Double Brace: Getting an appointment is never easy – all the new houses built in the area in the last 2 yearsPatients’ Comments
27 patients added comments - mainly amplifying their ratings, but also with some suggestions.
Typical examples:
Double Brace: Difficult to get a quick appointment with my usual doctor, but can normally see another much sooner
Rounded Rectangle: No comments or complaints, only my thanks to all
Double Brace: Never had an appointment on time!


Double Brace: No queuing system for walk-ins, a free for all
Rounded Rectangle: Walk-ins are appreciated and helpful, Saturday hours should be extended


Rounded Rectangle: Overall I have been very pleased with the level of service – thank you.
Double Brace: There should be a check-in system, like the other Practice


















There were also some comments which, though made by only one patient, may be of interest to the Practice:

Demographics and how the Surgery is Contacted
78 women and 33 men (plus 2 not stated) took part.
8 were there for their children and 2 for another adult.

Age distribution
under 18 18-34 35-54 55-64 65-74 75+
  2% 14% 36% 19% 20% 10%


How Appointments Booked: Phone - 67%      In Person - 34%     On-line (Patient Access) - 14%      (Some patients ticked more than one method.)

How Repeat Prescriptions Requested: Phone  6%                            
                                                         In Person    47%                                                    
                                                         By E-mail    16%                                                    
                                                         On-line (Patient Access)   10%                                                                                                  Direct to Chemist   29%
(Based on 86 patients who ticked at least one method)

These breakdowns are not greatly different to the survey carried out last November. But some points of note are:



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