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Practice population profile

The Devonshire Lodge Practice has 3 partners, and 2 salaried GPs.
We have 2 practice nurses and a well-established team of reception and admin staff.
The practice population is vastly middle working class. Stats as follows:

0 to 9 yrs – 767
10 to 19 yrs – 827
20 to 29 yrs – 872
40 to 49 yrs – 1024
50 to 59 yrs – 1069
60 to 69 yrs – 819
70 to 79 yrs – 383
80 to 89 yrs – 337
90 to 99 yrs – 86
100 +          -  4

The practice has more elderly than in some parts of Hillingdon and also looks after 2 residential homes.
Over 2/3 of the practice population is either white or white British or mixed white.
As our populations ages the gap between the genders widens leaving more females than


PRG profile

Show how the practice demonstrates that the PRG being is representative by providing information on the PRG profile

The PRG has been established now for 3 years and we continually try and recruit patients from ethnic minorities and young parent’s as members.
Due to our on-going campaigning via notice board and website we did manage to recruit two patients from an ethnic minority, this year.

Unfortunately we are still trying hard to recruit younger patients, hoping that the younger population will take time to visit the website, rather than come in.

Although every effort is made to recruit a diverse group, our current members are majority white with two members of south Asian background they are over the age of 50.
Last year we did actively recruit, but at present we have 15 permanent members so are taking names for a waiting list. We advertise at reception, on the PRG notice board and through the website.  We also advertise via the seasonal newsletter which is produced by the PRG.

2. There is a link and form available on our website to complete.
For more information on the PRG/PPG profile please go to our website

3. Posters have been up for patients informing them of the next meeting and that they are welcome to come along and a see what goes on before committing themselves to become a member. 
4. PPG notice board

Differences between the practice population and members of the PRG

Please describe variations between the group and what efforts the practice has made to reach any groups not represented.


There is not much variation from the PRG members and the practice population as said above our population is mostly white working middle class.
Variation being that majority of the practice population is white or British middle class.  Comparing this to some parts of the borough.
So on conclusion although the group is trying to include all groups of the practice population including disables patients, young and old and from different minorities groups. We feel the needs of the population are being met.




Please describe how the priorities for the survey were agreed with your PRG

The group looked at last year’s results and of the survey and decided that the updated GPAQ survey would be used in 2012 and then both results compared. It was also decided that for particular purposes throughout the next coming year smaller more specific surveys would be used to identify problem areas, if any.

Having established the priorities, please describe how the questions were developed, e.g. Survey Monkey, NAPP website, etc.

Survey was carried out by in-time LTD using questions form the GPAQ Survey.

Please describe how you carried out the survey?

GPAQ survey was now being used.  The new GPAQ questionnaire is in line with the national survey and questions are very similar. The PPG will in due course be designing their own questionnaire.

The questionnaires were handed out at the Practice as part of it needed to be completed once the patient has seen the G.P.

50 surveys for each partner, and 25 for each salaried GP.

The results were displayed on the website, in the newsletter and as a poster at reception.


Please specify the dates the survey was carried out.

The Survey was carried out week commencing 2nd July and ran for a period of two weeks.

What were the survey results?
Summary of Results 2011-12    2012 survey results


Action plan

Please describe how you agreed the action plan with the PRG?

The action plan was agreed with the PRG
Please see minutes below

Patient Survey
It was decided to go with the GPAQ survey this year and look into providing a new survey for March 2013.
CF said we may want to look into the online survey as well dependant on how many  email addresses we have by then or maybe just putting a link to the survey on the website and advertising it.
Action NK
Mtg date 25th April 2012

The survey was discussed and it was agreed that the results were better than last year.  It was also agreed to keep this as the in-house annual survey and add in smaller specific ones for certain things going on throughout the year and the PPG will decide when and on what topic. Mtg date 21st  nov 2012

Please include a full copy of the agreed action plan.  The main actions were:

To look into doing more focussed smaller surveys throughout the year.

Patient Survey Discussion

Please describe the areas that you could not achieve what the PRG wanted.

No areas

Are there any contractual considerations to the agreed actions?



Please provide a summary of the progress made with your 2011/12 action plan

You said …….

We did ….

The result is ….

Insert survey findings

Insert actions or agreements

Insert achievements to date

To look into the helpfulness of the reception

A lot of education and changing around at reception for it to run more efficiently

Working well as highlighted in the last survey results, but still more improvements to be made.



Local patient participation report

Please describe how the 2012/13 local Patient Participation Report was advertised and circulated
Through website and newsletter, and notice board.


Please include a copy of the report and link to your report on the practice website.

Patient Survey Report

and click on tab patient survey

Confirmation of your Opening times

Please include opening hours and out of hours arrangements in the report

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