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1.  NAME
The name of the Group shall be The Devonshire Lodge Patient Participation Group (herein referred to as “the Group”).

 The Group is affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.).

3.  AIMS
    3.1.  To develop and sustain effective communication between patients and the Practice to ensure services provided meet the needs of all patients.
·     3.2.  To provide information to the Practice on broader local and national issues to help develop future services.
·     3.3.  To provide information to patients about services provided by the Practice through a quarterly Newsletter and the website.
·      3.4. To assist the Practice in the organisation of regular health promotion events.
Anyone over the age of 18 who is a registered patient of the Devonshire Lodge Practice.
The Group will consist of four Officers - a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (if appointed) plus up to 10 other members - fourteen active members in total.
Subject to the above, any patient may nominate themselves for election to the Group by contacting the Practice Manager and completing a registration form.   Should the active membership of the Group already be at the optimum number then the Group will decide whether to increase the membership or ask the proposed patient to wait until a vacancy arises.
Membership of the Group shall be terminated immediately in the case of any person who ceases to be a patient of the Practice.

            To maintain an active group:

            4.1.      Should a member no longer wish to participate in the Group they should forward their resignation to the Practice Manager.

            4.2.      Should a member not attend four consecutive meetings without submitting apologies the member will be deemed to have resigned.

            4.3.      Should a member no longer wish to be an active member of the Group but still wish to be involved on an ad hoc basis, they should advise the Practice Manager that they wish to transfer to the Friends of Devonshire Lodge.  They will still be kept informed of the Group’s activities and may join or support any Group project at any time.

The Practice will be represented by a Partner and the Practice Manager. Practice members are not eligible to vote.

The Group will meet every three months at the surgery, unless otherwise deemed by the members.

The AGM will be held at the surgery the last Monday of each April, except when it conflicts with Easter and a new date will be agreed.

The Chairman will be elected and appointed at the AGM every two years (first tenure commenced June 2011).

The Vice-Chairman will be elected and appointed at the AGM  every two years (first tenure commenced March 2013).

The Secretary   -   When appointed tenure will be two years.

The Treasurer   -   When appointed tenure will be two years.

Election of Officers.  Any member of the Group may offer themselves for election or re-election at the AGM.  If more than one nomination is received for an Officer position then a vote must take place. In the event of a tie the Chairman has the casting vote.

Officers of the Group are only authorised to act on behalf of the Group following the agreement of the Group that the Officer is authorised to carry out the relevant action on behalf of the Group.  All details will be fully minuted.

At the meetings of the Group, four members plus one officer shall constitute a quorum.

All questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote thereat, except when it is deemed that a quorum is required.    No member shall exercise more than one vote.  In case of equality of votes the person chairing the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

Minutes will be taken by the Practice Manager who will be responsible for keeping a full and accurate record of each meeting.

The Minutes will be agreed with the chair of the meeting and will be circulated to all members within 14 days of the meeting.

The minutes will be approved by the Group at the following meeting when any amendments or alterations will be noted.

Any alterations or amendments will require the approval of a two thirds majority of Group members or a simple majority of those voting at the Annual General Meeting. 

This Constitution was approved and adopted at the meeting held on 06 March 2013.



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