PPG Contribution

Working together the Practice and the PPG have:

  • Continued to produce a Patient Satisfaction Survey for the Practice.  PPG  working Group then audit the response and prepare a report of the outcomes, including comparisons with previous years.  This aids the Practice in their future planning.
  • Supporting the Practice to revamp the website which has resulted in a considerable improvement in terms of communication with patients.
  • Liaising with various parties within the Surgery resulting in the purchase of two higher chairs with arms especially for people with mobility problems.
  • Liaising and supporting a member of the PPG who wished to make a donation to the Practice in memory of her husband who was a patient.  This resulted in a contribution being made to the purchase of a self-check-in screen for the surgery.
  • Building up good working relations with the PPG from the Abbotsbury Practice (the other practice with whom we share the Eastcote Health Centre) so that we can work together for the benefit of all patients on issues concerning the use and operation of the building. This has included attending regular meetings with both PPGs, both Practice Managers and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), who are responsible for the management of the building.

July 2018

  • Held recruitment sessions within the surgery to recruit volunteers for the PPG
  • Assisted with the production of quarterly newsletters to keep patients informed of new services and developments within the Practice
  • Re-configured the seating arrangement within the Surgery to make it easier for patients to see the electronic notice board
  • Arranged for a dedicated PPG notice board within the surgery.
  • Compiled a list of topics for consideration by the Practice with a view to arranging patient information sessions on each topic.
  • Followed up a query from a patient which resulted in patients being able to collect replacement hearing aid batteries from the surgery.
  • Revision of Practice and Appointment leaflets 
  • Introduction of Message in a Bottle Scheme in co-operation with The Lions Club
  • Assisted the Practice in researching alternative telephone systems which resulted in the Practice adopting a 020 local number to reduce the cost of calls made patients to the surgery.
  • Introduced the charity scheme InterCare to the surgery which encourages patients to returned unopened medication to the surgery for InterCare to supply to clinics in Africa 
  • Prepared for the Practice a General Survey to ascertain our patient’s satisfaction (or otherwise) with various aspects of the surgery’s operation.  This is an ongoing project and other surveys will be prepared in due course.
  • Assisted the Practice in the compilation of a list of Frequently Asked Questions for inclusion on the website.  This is an ongoing project.